Mobile Gourmet Kitchen

Prime Kutz at Rock the BBQ from chris ives on Vimeo.


Long before the food truck trend took over the streets of New York City, Sir Ives founder Christopher Ives designed his own 35-foot gourmet-on-the-go satellite catering kitchen containing cooking stations, food preparation space and extensive refrigeration.

Today, you’re likely to see our mobile kitchen at all kinds of events around New Jersey — wineries, grand openings, corporate events, parties and even weddings.

What Kind of Cuisine Does the Mobile Kitchen Serve?

You name it—special foods stamped with corporate logos, casual fare, our special prime rib sandwich, four-foot slabs of slow-cooked ribs, vegetarian and organic fare, even a menu just for children.

Brunches, lunches, barbecues, desserts and sweets soirees–we have done it all with aplomb from our gourmet-on-the-go kitchen.

If you’re looking to add something fresh, trendy and unexpected to your occasion, ask us about the availability of the most popular gourmet food truck in New Jersey!

Not sure what you’d like to serve your guests? Ask us about our Sir Ives “Gourmet Pick-of-the-Truck” specialties.